International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

Network Codes

The following network codes are assigned by the FDSN archive (IRIS DMC) to provide uniqueness to seismological data streams.

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Network Code Network Name Operated By Deployment DOI
WA West Central Argentina Network
  • Universidad Nacional de San Juan (UNSJ, Argentina)
WB West Bohemia Local Seismic Network Czechia DOI
WC Curacao Seismic Network Curacao
WI West Indies French Seismic Network West Indies DOI
WK Wake Island Hydrophone Array United States of America
WM Western Mediterranean Seismic Network
  • Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada (Spain)
Spain DOI
WR California Division of Water Resources
  • California Division of Water Resources
United States of America
WS Seismic Network of Repuplika Srpska
  • Republicki Hidrometeorolo?ki Zavod
Bosnia and Herzegovina
WU The Southern Ontario Seismic Network
  • University of Western Ontario (UWO Canada)
WY Yellowstone National Park Seismograph Network United States of America DOI
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Network Data API

The network data shown here is also available programmatically through a web service API.